Notable Alumni

Timothy Borchers
  • Timothy Borchers
  • Tim Borchers (PhD, communication, 1996; master's, comm., 1993) is professor and chair of the Communication Studies Department at Minnesota State University...
Gregg Chenoweth
  • Gregg Chenoweth
  • Gregg Chenoweth (PhD 2003) is president of Bethel College. His articles have appeared in major U.S. newspapers (e.g.   The Chicago Tribune ), national...
Scott Crabill
  • Scott Crabill
  • Scott L. Crabill (PhD 2008) is director of integrative studies and undergraduate initiatives at Oakland University. He teaches courses in public speaking,...
Gildasio Dos Santos
  • Gildasio Dos Santos
  • Gildasio Mendes Dos Santos (PhD 2007) is the general director of Faculdade Salesiana Santa Teresa, Salesian Institute of Superior Education, Salesian...
Timothy Dugdale
  • Timothy Dugdale
  • Tim Dugdale (PhD 1999) is a member of the faculty in digital media studies at the University of Detroit Mercy. Although he holds a PhD in...
Kelly Jones
  • Kelly Jones
  • Kelly Jones (BA, radio/TV, 2005) declared at the age of eight that she wanted to be on TV and deliver the news. True to her word, this Michigan native went...
Brendan Kelly
  • Brendan Kelly
  • Brendan Kelly (PhD 2006) is chair of the Department of Communication Arts at the University of West Florida. He serves as the president of the Florida...
Jeannette Kindred
  • Jeannette Kindred
  • Jeannette Kindred (PhD 2001) joined the communication faculty at Eastern Mich. U. in the Fall of 2006; prior to that she was an assistant...
Priscilla Meddaugh
Nicki Michalski
  • Nicki Michalski
  • Nicki Michalski (PhD 2001) is an assistant professor at Lamar University, Beaumont, TX. She also is assistant director of the University Honors Program and...
Hollie Petit
  • Hollie Petit
  • Hollie Petit (PhD 2008) is an assistant professor at South Dakota State University. Her personal research interests include communication and...
Richard Pineda
  • Richard Pineda
  • Richard Pineda (PhD 2003) is an assistant professor and research fellow in the Sam Donaldson Center for Communication Research at the University of Texas,...
Donald Ritzenhein
  • Donald Ritzenhein
  • Donald Ritzenhein (BA with Distinction (1968), Monteith College; MA (1980) and PhD (1999) in communication from Wayne). Don is Provost and Vice President...
Heather Seipke
  • Heather Seipke
  • Heather L. Seipke (PhD, communication, 2002; graduate certificate, gerontology, 2002; master’s, communication, 2000; bachelor’s, public...
Scott Sellnow-Richmond
Peter Smudde
  • Peter Smudde
  • Peter Smudde is an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Illinois State University. "My career path did not follow that of a...
Patric Spence
  • Patric Spence
  • Patric R. Spence (PhD 2006) is assistant professor in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. His research focuses on crisis and risk...
Hollie Tanguay
  • Hollie Tanguay
  • Hollie Tanguay (BA, speech comm., 2002) J.D. is a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan.  Hollie's legal interests are in immigration and she...
Tara Tomcsik
  • Tara Tomcsik
  • Tara Tomcsik- Husak brings over 20 years of experience in non-profit management, entertainment, and hospitality industries. Enthusiastic and passionate...
Angela Windfield
Ronald Woods
  • Ronald Woods
  • Ronald Woods (PhD 1999) is a professor of communication at the University of Mobile.
Jeffrey Youngquist
  • Jeffrey Youngquist
  • 325 Wilson Hall, Oakland U., Rochester, MI 48309
  • Jeff Youngquist (PhD 2007) is an assistant professor at Oakland University. His primary research interest is the relationship between perceptions of...