Peter Smudde


Peter Smudde is an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Illinois State University.

"My career path did not follow that of a traditional academic. I moved to academia in 2002 after 16 years of industry experience, during which I completed master’s and doctoral degrees. I'm also accredited in public relations (APR) through the PRSA. This path has been a great asset to me in my consulting, research, leading students in their studies and serving the university, the field and beyond. I love being a professor!

"My teaching focuses on public relations courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The courses would involve everything from the introductory course to writing to strategy to research/scholarship. In all my courses I like to connect the dots between theory and practice because they inform and rely on each other. Also, in the design of my courses, I apply many of the practices and demands of "real world" public relations so students can become prepared for how they will be managed in their jobs.

"In my research I'm most interested in three areas of study in public relations, all based on my unique combination of industry and academic experiences. First, I study public relations' synergy with corporate strategy. Second, I engage in rhetorical criticism and discourse analytical approaches to public relations and organizational communication. Third, I explore pedagogical approaches to public relations that meet academic and industry demands. Specific orientations I've used in my work have included Burke, Foucault, Weick and those from the fields of linguistics, composition studies and business management."