Gildasio Mendes Dos Santos


Gildasio Mendes Dos Santos (PhD 2007) is the general director of Faculdade Salesiana Santa Teresa, Salesian Institute of Superior Education, Salesian University in Campo Grande, Brazil. His research interest includes the influence of the media on intergroup relations while exploring the very different facets of applied intergroup communication research and theory with a focus on social relations involving education, gender, race and age across different cultures. Among his most recent books on new technologies, art and new evangelization are:  On the Banks, Cast the nets,A tempo di bit (Italian), A arte de comunicar, As virtudes e os vicios da internet and A realidade do virtual, (Portuguese). He is a member of the International Communication Association, the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues and the National Communication Association. In Brazil, he is a member of the Boarder of the Salesian Bulletin and director of the Salesian Communication Office at Salesian University.