Scott Crabill


Scott L. Crabill (PhD 2008) is director of integrative studies and undergraduate initiatives at Oakland University. He teaches courses in public speaking, group dynamics, listening in communication, interpersonal communication, advanced interpersonal communication and interdisciplinary studies. Computer-mediated communication and interpersonal communication are his primary areas of study with a quantitative methodological focus. One area of particular interest for Dr. Crabill is the examination of white supremacist groups within computer-mediated contexts.

His dissertation, A Comparative Content Analysis of Social Identity Cues within a White Supremacist Discussion Board and a Social Activist Discussion Board, examines the language dynamics of white supremacist groups within computer-mediated contexts such as discussion boards. He specifically focuses on how members of a white supremacist discussion board monitor and correct each other’s language patterns in their on-line discussions. Dr. Crabill's research in this area was presented at the 2008 International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society.

Dr. Crabill's research may be found in Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Journal of the Wisconsin Communication Association, Florida Communication Journal, Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends. His current research projects involve the exploration of Second Life as an instructional tool for decreasing public speaking apprehension.