Scott Sellnow-Richmond


Academic Interests

Interpersonal communication, family communication, gender and sexuality, cultural communication, communication pedagogy.

 Communication Department Graduate Student Research Award - 2014

Top Paper Award - Gender and Sexuality Caucus, Central States Communication Association, 2014

Degrees and Certifications

Master of Arts, Western Michigan University (2011)

Thesis: “There’s Something Wrong About the Way You Look, There’s Something Wrong With You”: Memorable Messages Concerning Identity and Body Weight

Bachelor of Arts, Western Michigan University (2009)

Primary Research Interest

Communication of stigmatized identities, bullying, identity formation, family communication patterns, critical pedagogy, classroom technology.

Recent Publications

Sellnow-Richmond, S. A., & Spence, P. R. (In Press). The wiki, social networks, and the classroom. In Hana S. Noor Al-Deen (Ed.) Social Media in the Classroom. Burn: Peter Lang Publishing.

 Sellnow-Richmond, S. A., & Sellnow-Richmond D. D. (In Press). Gender and Sexuality Encyclopedia of family studies. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell.

Richmond, S.A., Spence, P.R., & Fuller, B.A. (2011). Notes and collaboration: Using the wiki in the college classroom. Academic Exchange Quarterly.



 I am currently serving as the assistant basic course director and running the university's public speaking resource center.