Wayne State University

Journalism Faculty

Stine Eckert
  • Stine Eckert
  • Assistant Professor
  • 571 Manoogian
  • fq0936@wayne.edu
  • Stine Eckert (Ph.D., University of Maryland) joined the Wayne State journalism faculty in 2014. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and...
Michael Fuhlhage
  • Michael Fuhlhage
  • Assistant Professor
  • 585 Manoogian
  • fr1136@wayne.edu
  • Michael Fuhlhage (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) joined the Wayne State journalism faculty in 2014. Fuhlhage has many years experience...
Alicia Nails
  • Alicia Nails
  • Lecturer
  • 559 Manoogian
  • ANails@wayne.edu
  • Alicia Nails directs the Journalism Institute for Media Diversity. She is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and freelance writer, including appearing in the...
Kimmerly Piper-Aiken
  • Kimmerly Piper-Aiken
  • Journalism Area Head, Department Internship Coordinator; Manager of the 5057 Midtown TV Studio; Senior Lecturer
  • 565 Manoogian Hall
  • kpiperaiken@wayne.edu
  • Kimmerly Piper-Aiken, Ph.D., teaches broadcast journalism and television production. She created the TV News Reporting and Digital Editing course and...
Elizabeth Stoycheff
  • Elizabeth Stoycheff
  • Assistant Professor
  • 563 Manoogian Hall
  • elizabeth.stoycheff@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Elizabeth Stoycheff teaches journalism, new media, international communication, and quantitative methods. She has been named a Promising Professor by...
Fred Vultee
  • Fred Vultee
  • Associate professor, director of graduate studies
  • 567 Manoogian
  • vulteef@wayne.edu
  • Fred Vultee (PhD, University of Missouri) is an associate professor in the journalism area of the Department of Communication. He teaches news editing,...
Lee Wilkins
  • Lee Wilkins
  • Emeritus Professor
  • 585 Manoogian Hall
  • eh8899@wayne.edu
  • Lee Wilkins teaches and studies media ethics and media coverage of hazards and disasters. She is co-author of one of the most widely used college media...