Frequently Asked Questions:


Yes, all programs are designed for completion in 4 years.

View all of the Department of Communication Plan of Works.


To calculate the total cost of tuition please look refer to the tuition calculator.


The scholarship aid reported here is an addition to the financial aid provided

by the University and in addition to federal programs such as Pell grants.

All scholarships in the Department of Communication are merit based according to GPA.

However, many scholarships are targeted at specific majors. To learn more about scholarship opportunities in the department, please view our scholarships page.


The department strongly encourages students to participate in internships.

Some programs, like Journalism, require an internship for graduation.

While the department cannot promise to find you an internship, faculty members have strong ties to the professional community in Detroit. Many internships are unpaid, but Wayne State allows students to earn credit and a salary during an internship.

To learn more about completing an internship for credit, refer to our internship forms on our internship page.

To browse internships (or full and part time positions) that have been sent to our department, refer to our department's blog.


Torequest anoverridetojoin a class:

  1. First, you willneed to ask the professor (either in person or via email) of the course you are interested in if they will allow you permission into thatsection.

  2. If the professor can allow you into the class, they will forward their written approval directly to communication@wayne.edu where it will be processed as soon as possible.

  3. When that is complete, you will be sent an email informing you that you can register for the class.