Communication and New Media

The Graduate Certificate in Communication and New Media emphasizes theory, production, and application of new media technology. The program reflects developments in communication, computer, and telecommunications technologies. All courses are available in an online format.

The Certificate allows maximum six credits to count toward both the Certificate and a relevant MA in the department when a student is enrolled in both the G.C. and M.A. programs concurrently. Transfer of credit from other institutions may not be applied toward the credits required for the certificate.

If you need to print out the requirements for this concentration, here is a pdf version (current as of 2018).

Two required courses (6 cr):

  • COM 6050: New Media Practices (3 cr)
  • COM 6270: New Media Theory (3 cr)

Two courses from the following (minimum 6 cr):

  • COM 5300: Layout and Design (3 cr)
  • COM 5500: Journalism and New Media (3 cr)
  • COM 6530: Audience Measurement and Survey Techniques (3 cr)
  • COM 7330: Advanced Layout and Design (3 cr)
  • COM 7990: Directed Study (1 -3 credits, as approved by adviser)
  • CSC 5750: Principles of Web Technology (3 cr)
  • DR 6220: Dispute Resolution and Communication Technology (3 cr)
  • LDT 5140: Producing and Evaluating Technology-Based Instructional Materials (3 cr)
  • LDT 6140: Designing Web Tools for the Classroom (4 cr)
  • LDT7110: Foundations of Instructional Technology (3 cr)
  • LDT 7210: Foundations of Distance Education (4 cr)