Exploratory Track

The Exploratory Track in Communication is for students interested in various aspects of communication but who have not yet decided on a specific major. This track provides the opportunity to explore personal strengths and career interests across all facets of the entire communication field.

Students following the exploratory track are placed in a cohort consisting of a designated section of COM 1010 (Basic Speech) which is both an introductory communication course and a core general education requirement. The curriculum of this specific section will expose students to the myriad aspects of communication as well as feature faculty guest speakers from the different majors in the department. Along with this course, meeting with an academic advisor early in the first semester of study is also a key component of the exploratory journey.

Please note that the exploratory track is not a stand-alone degree program and the sooner students select a specific major the more likely they are to complete their studies in a timely manner. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that students select a major by no later than the end of their second semester.