Public Speaking Resource Center

At the Public Speaking Resource Center (PSRC), COM 1010 students receive help with a variety of communication-related skills, such as managing anxiety, gathering support material, presentation organization, outline construction, effective delivery and appropriate presentational aid design. The PSRC is a friendly environment located in MANO 464.

Resources: In the PSRC we have computers for student use. Additionally, we have a library of communication related books and materials as well as a state of the art practice room for students to hone their communication skills. Students are encouraged, but not required, to schedule conferences with staff in the PSRC. Walk-ins are welcome. We hope you as a COM 1010 student take advantage of the services we provide at the PSRC.

Fall 2020 Office hours

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For more information about the PSRC, the Oral Competency Exam, or to schedule an appointment, please contact: 

The Public Speaking Resource Center