Our students have numerous opportunities to gain professional experience in a variety of settings in our metropolitan area. Major news networks, public relations firms, non-profit organizations, the automotive industry and various governmental offices are just a few examples.

The Department of Communication has carefully designed our sequence of classes to teach the professional skills needed for success in all communication-orientated careers. However, to sharpen your skills and build your resume/portfolio, you need to practice these skills by constantly seeking professional experience as an intern and/or freelancer.

For that reason, internships are highly encouraged for all students in the Department of Communication. If you are a journalism major or minor at least one internship is required. All students must first meet with the internship coordinator before starting any internship search.

For more information on available internships, visit the journalism office at 585 Manoogian Hall Detroit, MI 48201 or (313) 577-2943.

Visit our blog to see recent postings for internships for credit and full time employment that have been sent directly to our office.

Note that students are required to obtain their own internships. Once the student has obtained the internship, they must fill out the approval from for override processing.

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Picture of Perry FarellMeet the Internship Coordinator - Perry Farrell. Perry has been the Internship Coordinator for 3 years now. He can be reached by email at