Financial support

Competitive graduate assistantships and fellowships are awarded to Ph.D. students each year. Both the assistantships and fellowships include monthly stipends, subsidized health insurance benefits and tuition fees coverage.

Graduate assistantships

For more information on graduate assistantships please refer to the Ph.D. Handbook, the department list of graduate funding opportunities, and department GTA teaching placement and ASA guidelines documents.

Thomas C. Rumble Fellowships

The Rumble Fellowship is a competitive academic-year university fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to incoming students at the beginning of the doctoral program and continuing students who are in the dissertation phase and in their fourth year in the program. If it is awarded at the beginning of a student's program, the student becomes eligible for up to three years of Graduate Assistantship funding, assuming good academic standing in the program. The department nominates students for the fellowship.

Dissertation funding

The Graduate School offers the Thesis/Dissertation Research Support grant for eligible expenses related to dissertation work. Student's receiving the grant must apply to the department for matching funds by submitting an application for the Department of Communication Dissertation Research Support. The department typically uses this fellowship to match the funding received through the Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Research Support grant; however, occasionally the department may award the Dissertation support even when no funding from the Graduate School is received.

Other funding

Financial support is available in the form of professional travel support, graduate professional scholarships and financial aid.

Most professional travel support is managed by the Department of Communication. Please contact the department's Director of Graduate Studies to find out more. Other travel funding sources are available; please refer to the Ph.D. Handbook

For more information about graduate professional scholarships visit the Graduate School and for financial aid go to the Office of Student Financial Aid.