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Media Arts and Studies

The M.A. concentration in Media Arts and Studies is designed to immerse students in the technological, creative, societal, research and analytical considerations of our globalized, multi-platform, multi-screen media environment. Students matriculating through the program will demonstrate a strong foundation in digital media technology and its applications, along with research and analysis skills that will grant them flexibility to enter a broad range of professional and creative environments, as well as a foundation for potential doctoral work. The concentration offers electives in media storytelling and production, media studies, media entrepreneurship and management, and media in strategic and applied communication; enabling students to design a program to specifically meet their needs and goals, and the opportunity to explore creative and scholarly approaches to multiple screens. Students may complete the M.A. in Media Arts and Studies with a minimum of 30 credits.

Requirements include: 

COM Requirement (3 cr): 

  • COM 7000: Introduction to M.A. Studies in Communication (3 cr)

Theory Requirement (3 cr):

 Select one of the following:

  • COM 6270: New Media Theory (3 cr)
  • COM 7520: Theories of Media Effects (3 cr)
  • COM 7530: Critical Mass Communication Theory (3 cr)

Research Methods Requirement (3 cr): 

 Select one of the following:

  • COM 6530: Audience Measurement and Survey Techniques (3 cr) 
  • COM 7260: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr) 
  • COM 7360: Qualitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr)
  • COM 7365: Ethnographic Methods for Communication Research (3 cr)
  • COM 7580: Content Analysis (3 cr)

Foundation Requirements (6 cr): 

  • COM 6050: New Media Practices (3 cr) 
  • COM 5520: International Communications (3 cr) 

Creative Requirement (3 cr):

 Select one of the following:

  • COM 5350: Media Arts Production (3 cr) 
  • COM 5610: Advanced TV Production (3 cr) 
  • COM 6090: Digital Screen Media (3 cr) 
  • COM 6410: Allesee Master Class (3 cr) 

Capstone plan options (12 cr):

 Select one of the following:

  • Plan A: COM 8999: Master's Thesis (6 cr); plus electives (6 cr)
  • Plan B:  COM 7999: Master's Essay (3 cr); plus electives (9 cr)
  • Plan C: Electives (11 cr) plus COM 6190: Internship (1 cr)

*Please note, this is the most recent curriculum guide for the Media Arts and Studies Program, effective Winter 2019

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