Wayne State University

Summer Doctoral Seminar

June 13-16, 2016 with distinguished guest scholar Dr. Donald Shaw

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Agendamelding: ​How we use traditional and social media to connect community 

Modern media audiences are very active in the way they are using traditional and social media. In fact, they are melding the agendas from these two types of media to connect with community that is personally satisfying. So there is a loss in vertical power of traditional media but a gain in personal satisfaction. How will social systems adjust to all this? 

Donald Shaw (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison) is a writer and communication scholar, and is associated with agenda-setting research. With Maxwell McCombs of the University of Texas at Austin and David Weaver of Indiana University, he is attempting to expand agenda-setting research into a comprehensive behavioral theory connecting media and society. Shaw is Kenan professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Attendees receive:

  • Paid travel
  • Paid lodging
  • Paid meals  

 Seminar Information

Application materials include curriculum vitae, a letter of support from academic advisor, and 500-word statement about how the seminar fits with the student's long term research and teaching goals. 

Applications are due March 1, 2016 to Lee Wilkins, Ph.D.; Professor and Chair; Department of Communication; 591 Manoogian Hall - WSU; Detroit, MI 48201. With questions, contact Dr. Wilkins at Lee.Wilkins@wayne.edu or (313) 577-2959. 


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