Department of Communication Graduate Scholarships

Loepp Family Endowed Scholarship in the Dept. of Communication Awardees:

Raina Baker, Toni Cunningham, and Jennifer Evans

Image of Angela Meriedeth 

Angela Meriedeth

 "This scholarship means a great deal to me as it was hard for me to take the leap into graduate school in general. As a first-generation college student, there was happiness in my family that I graduated undergrad, so the push to take my education even further was not even on the table. The pandemic has given me some spare time and professionally I had reason to get my master's degree. I am still paying (and will be for a long time) my student loans from my undergraduate degree, so having the assistance of this scholarship is not only important to me but contingent on the speed at which I complete this degree. I am grateful to have been chosen!"

Winifred Clephane Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Communication Awardee: 

Joel Rakowski

"This scholarship means much more than just the dollar amount. After completing my first year of graduate studies I feel that there is so much more I want to know than when I first applied. If anything, it is a justification for continuing down this path of knowledge and fulfilment. My time means everything to me and this award gives me the opportunity to spend more time pursuing my goals and recharging my mind. I can't say thank you enough to everyone that makes these scholarships possible. All my future works and personal wellbeing will reflect kindly upon these contributions toward my education."