Laura Bruns


Awards & Honors

2019 GEOC Teaching Award

Thomas C. Rumble Graduate Research Fellowship, 2021-2022

Ven Marshall Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2021

Degrees and Certifications

B.A. Mass Media Communication - College of Charleston - Charleston, SC

M.S. Communication - Illinois State University - Normal, IL

Ph.D. (in progress) Communication - Wayne State University - Detroit, MI

Primary Research Interest

Basic Course, Rhetoric, End of Life Communiation, Feminist Rhetoric, Social Movements

Recent Publications

Bruns, Laura C. and Zompetti, Joseph P. (2014) The Rhetorical Goddess: A Feminist Perspective on Women in Magic. Journal of performance magic, 2 (1). pp. 8-39. ISSN 2051-6037. 

Courses Taught

 COM 1010 Oral Communication: Basic Speech

COM 2160 Campaigns and Social Movements

COM 2170 Persuasive Speaking

COM 2200 Interpersonal Communication

COM 3300 Business and Professional Presentations

COM 3400 Theories of Communication