Robert Matheny MSC





Robert is a PhD candidate with an emphasis in interpersonal communication.  He teaches courses in research methods, interpersonal communication, business communication, global leadership, social change, psychology, and public speaking. His research interests include conflict, online interactions, relationship maintenance, and interventionist/translational research. He was awarded the Dean's Creative Grant for the 2017-2018 academic year to conduct research in partnership with his advistor, Dr. Katheryn Maguire.  He has also been a member of the SMART Lab for three years under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Tong.

Robert has been teaching at the undergraduate level for three yeras and in K-12 settings for more than 6.  He recently created the Institute for Gloabal Leadership and Social Change at University of Michigan’s Summer Discovery program. He describes his teaching style as "directed collaboration," inviting students to engage in discussion and adjusting his methods to the needs of the learners.

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Academic Interests

  • Interpersoal Communication
  • Intergroup Communication
  • Organizational Communcation
  • Computer Mediated Communication
  • Close Relationships
  • Conflict Communictaion
  • Evolutionary Psychology

Area of Expertise

  • Interpersonal/Intergroup Conflict
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Experimental Design


Degrees and Certifications

  • Master of Science in Clinical Counseling, University of Phoenix
  • Urban/Ethnic Leaderhsip, Arrow Leadership Institute
  • Theology/Missiology, Central Bible College

Primary Research Interest

Serial arguments, Identity, Ideolgoical conflcit, and their effect on personal relationship. 


  • President, Communication Graduate Student Association
  • Teaching/lecturing as a deptartmental GTA
  • Resaerch Assistant for Dr. Stephanie Tong, SMARTLab 

Courses Taught

  • Public Speaking
  • Business and Professional Communication
  • Research Methods in Communication
  • Interpersonal Theory
  • Global Leadership and Social Change
  • Introduction to Psychology