Dr. Stine Eckert



Stine Eckert (Ph.D., University of Maryland) joined the Wayne State journalism faculty in 2014. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and her Master’s of Science from Ohio University after studying journalism studies, communication and media studies and American studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. She earned a Certificate in Graduate Studies from the Women’s Studies Department of the University of Maryland. Her research interests include international, comparative work and the intersection of social media, minorities and gender as well as the democratic potential of social media. She has published articles in International Journal of Communication; Media, Culture & Society; Journal of Communication Inquiry and Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism. She co-authored the chapter “Wikipedia’s Gender Gap” in Cory Armstrong’s (Ed.) Media Disparity: A Gender Battleground (2013). Eckert also co-founded the Wikid GRRLS project to teach middle and high school girls how to create content on knowledge sharing sites such as Wikipedia. More information about her work and projects is available on stineeckert.com and on Twitter via @stineeckert.

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Area of Expertise

Gender and Social Media, Minorities and Social Media, Intersnational (Comparative) Research, Feminist Media

Degrees and Certifications

Ph.D. Journalism Studies (University of Maryland)

M.S. Journalism (Ohio University)

Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies (University of Maryland)

Bachelor-Equivalent Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, American Studies (University of Leipzig)

Primary Research Interest

Gender and Social Media, Minorities and Social Media, Intersnational (Comparative) Research, Feminist Media

Recent Publications

See an up-to-date list of current and reccent publications and conference presentations on stineeckert.com.

Courses Taught

COM 2230 Broadcast News Writing and Editing

COM 5500 Writing on the Web