Miwa Ito



Miwa Ito is a social scientist studying organizational communication, specifically intraorganizational communication processes. The goal of her research is to enhance individuals’ productivity in the workplace by exploring contemporary communication problems that they are facing. Her research focuses on relational factors because she is interested in how interpersonal relationships are negotiated and influence communicative behaviors in the workplace. She employs quantitative methods. Her current project investigates workplace aggression, with a focus on the perpetrator-victim relationship. She teaches COM 3250 Introduction to Organizational Communication, COM 3300 Business and Professional Presentations, and COM 1010 Oral Communication: Basic Speech.

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Academic Interests

Organizational Communication

Degrees and Certifications

M.S. Communication, North Dakota State University, 2014

Thesis:  Work Group Identification and Communication Competence in the Use of E-mail 

M.A. Communication Studies, University of Kansas, 2011

Thesis:  Millennials' Expectation of Trust for Supervisors and Coworkers in the Workplace