Kelly Donnellan


  • Associate Professor, Media Arts and Studies

  • 527 Manoogian Hall



Kelly Donnellan, (MFA, American University) is an award winning documentary editor and director. 

Currently, Kelly is working on the Detroit Water Stories project with Assistant Professor Dr. Rahul Mitra. She also recently collaborated with information artist Laura Foxman on THE LISTENING ARCHIVE, which was installed from February-April 2018 at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) in the Mike Kelley Mobile Homestead.

Kelly has edited 2 feature documentaries and over 50 short films, including the 2012 Student Academy Award Winning Silver Medal Documentary Dying Green. Her editorial work can be seen on several short documentaries for the Favorite Poem Project, Chicago, sponsored by the National Poetry Foundation. In 2016, she edited the award winning short documentary I Throw Rocks! and her directorial effort, I is Another, earned the Best Female Director-Woman to Watch from the Underexposed Film Festival in 2013.

Kelly brings her production and post-production experience into the classroom through demonstrations, technical exercises and hands on projects for the introductory student. She emphasizes practical acquisition of production skills on various cameras (Canon T7i and XA-30), audio recorders (Zoom H4N, H6N), microphones (various shotgun, Lavaliere and condenser mics) and lighting equipment (2 and 3 point lights). She also highlights non-linear editing software (Avid Media Composer) proficiency.

Kelly's objectives for the intermediate student include augmenting their video editing skills to an intermediate/advanced level thought a series of technical exercises utilizing Avid Media Composer. She aims for students to develop a critical understanding of editing aesthetics and the power of the juxtaposition through classroom screenings and creative production exercises. She also aspires for the intermediate student to develop original content and their own personal voice both in production exercises and in the editing room.

Degrees and Certifications

Masters of Fine Arts, American University, Film and Electronic Media, 2009

Bachelors of Fine Arts, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking, Concentration in Editing and Sound, 2000

Bachelors of Science, Russell Sage College, Physical Therapy, 1994

Primary Research Interest

Editing and Post Production, Documentary/Film/Video Production, Experimental Film/Video Installation, New Media, Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies

Courses Taught

COM 1600 Introduction to Audio, Television, and Film Production

COM 1610 Fundamentals of New Media Production

COM 3380 Editing and Field Production

COM 3990 Directed Study

COM 5350 Media Arts Production (MA)

COM 5380 Field Production and Editing (MA)

COM 6680 Directed Projects (MA)

COM 7380 Advanced Media Editing (MA)

COM 7990 Directed Study (MA)

COM 8999 Masters Thesis (MA)