Nicholas Scott Smith


Academic Interests

Media Effects, Media Production, Media Psychology, Media Processing, Entertainment & Pop Culture, Film Studies, Animantion & Comicbook Studies, Aggression & Aggressive Communication, Personality Traits, Nonverbal Communication.

Awards & Honors

Ohio Communication Association (OCA) Distinguished Student Organization. Accepted on behalf of The 2380 Project  as the president of the organization. (2007)

National Communication Association (NCA) Top Student Paper in the Mass Communication Division for the paper entitled: The violent voice: An examination of the impact of violence in film on the audience.  (2011)

Eastern Communication Association (ECA) Top Paper in the Nonverbal Communication Division for the paper entitled: Toward the development of a self-report measure of humor enactments.  (2012)

Degrees and Certifications

May 2017 [Expected]: Ph.D., Communication, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Advisor:  Dr. Pradeep Sopory


August 2009: M.A., Communication, The University of Akron, Akron, OH

Advisor:  Dr. Andrew S. Rancer

Committee:  Dr. Carolyn M. Anderson & Dr. Phil R. Hoffman

Thesis: Toward An Understanding of Moderate Argumentativeness: Assessing and Identifying the Impact of Trait and Situational Factors. [Link can be found at the bottom of the page]


December 2006: B.A.T., Mass Communication, The University of Akron, Akron, OH

Double Major: Mass Communication: Media Production; Mass Communication: Radio & Television Programming

Minor: English: Popular Literature & Film

Primary Research Interest

My current area of research is in the realm of aggressive media processing and effects. I am currently looking at the process through which consumers experience entertainment. Specifically, I am trying to find out what takes place between consumption and experience of entertainment. I am doing this through an examination of aggressive animated content and comparing across generations. Through the use of the Aggressive Communication construct I hope to understand the nuances of the entertainment experience.




I am currently one of the instructors of 'Intro to Audio, Television & Film Production' as well as the Teaching Assistant for all the online sections of 'Intro to Film'. In the past I have taught numerous other courses at Wayne State University as well as other institutions; courses that I've taught include 'Interpersonal Communication', 'Communication Research Methods', 'Communication in Organizations & institutions’, 'Basic Audio & Video Editing’, ‘Intro to Communication in The World of Work’, 'Intro to Human Communication’, ‘Intro to Communication Studies’, ‘Mass Communication’, ‘Media Literacy’, ‘Media Production Techniques’, ‘Oral Communication: Basic Speech’, 'Presentational Speaking’, and ‘Public Speaking’.




I am currently the Vice-Chair and Program Planner for the Media Communication Division of the Eastern Communication Association. I have held several production positions as well. I was the Head Editor of the award winning campus sponts news program 'The Roo Report' at the University of Akron on ZTV & WZIP FM Z88 as well as the President of the award winning student film organization at the University of Akron 'The 2380 Project'.