Dr. Jessica Moorman

Dr. Jessica Moorman

Assistant Professor of Communication


Dr. Jessica Moorman


Dr. Jessica D. Moorman is a fourth generation Detroiter who researches how media shape health and development over the life course. In her primary area of research, Dr. Moorman examines the media’s role in shaping Black women’s single socialization; the process by which attitudes and beliefs about single status are acquired. Detroit plays a critical role in Dr. Moorman's single socialization research. For her current book project, Living Singlehood: The Values and Strategies Shaping Unmarried Life for Black Women, Dr. Moorman spoke with 51 single Black women living in Detroit about their experiences of unmarried life to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges facing Black women in singlehood. Dr. Moorman has a secondary area of specialty in health communication, examining most recently how screen media use impacts the weight, sleep behavior, and cognitive development of children ages 0 - 5. Again, the experiences of Black Detroiters have played a critical role in Dr. Moorman's health communication research. Dr. Moorman explores how the economics, policies, and culture of the city shape Black Americans health behavior and media use practices. Dr. Moorman recieved a Pro-Quest Distinguished Dissertation Award from the University of Michigan in 2018 for her project “Being Single Is…: A Study of Black Love Media and Black Women’s Sexual Socialization.” She was named a Pre-Doctoral Fellow for the American Association of University Women in 2017, among other accolades. Dr. Moorman has presented her research for agencies like the United Nations Women's Rights Division and has been featured in media outlets like Psychology Today, National Public Radio, and ESPN. 

Area of Expertise

Media Sexual Socialization, Single Socialization, Black Women & Media, Intersectional Approaches to Media & Communication, Children & Media, Sleep & Media, and Health Communication.

Degrees and Certifications

Ph.D. - Communication Studies, University of Michigan 

M.H.S. -  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Recent Publications

Moorman, J.D. (2022). Unmarried Black Women’s Media Sexual Socialization: The Role of Dating, Motherhood, and Intimate Partner Violence Across Media Types. Sex Roles.

Hawkins, I., Coles, S., Saleem, M., & Moorman, J.D. (2022). Middle Eastern Characters in Entertainment Television: A Content Analysis of Middle Eastern Portrayals in Entertainment Television from 1996-2014. Mass Communication and Society.

Moorman, J.D. (2021). The privilege of care: An intersectional analysis of the COVID-19 U.S. childcare crisis and its implications for CAM research. The Journal of Children and Media.

Moorman, J.D. (2020). Socializing Singlehood: A Qualitative Examination of the Personal, Interpersonal, and Sociocultural Factors Structuring Single Black Women’s Lives. Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Moorman, J.D., Morgan, P., & Adams, T. (2019). The implications of screen media use for the sleep behavior of children ages 0-5: A systematic review of the literature. Current Sleep Medicine Reports.

Moorman, J. D., & Harrison, K. (2019). Beyond access and exposure: Implications of sneaky media use for preschoolers' sleep behavior. Health Communication.

Harrison, K., Vallina, L., Couture, A., Wenhold, H., & Moorman, J. D. (2018). Theorizing media use for sensory regulation and implications for parent-child media conflict. Media Psychology.

Harrison, K., Moorman, J. D., Peralta, M., & Fayhee, K. (2017). Food brand recognition and BMI in U.S. preschoolers. Appetite, 114, 329-337.

Moorman, J. D. & Harrison, K. (2016). Gender, race, and risk: Intersectional risk management in the sale of sex online. Journal of Sex Research, 53, 816-824.

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