Colleen Ezzeddine

Colleen Ezzeddine


Colleen Ezzeddine


Colleen Ezzeddine is joining us full time as a full-time lecturer in Communication, specifically teaching Com 1010, Intro to Oral Communication. She is an alum with a PhD in organizational communication and she has taught in the department, part time, for 17 years. Although she has been teaching part time, Colleen has been an active member of the department. She has led several Learning Communities, most recently for Warrior VIP students taking Com 1010. She has also been an instructor for several State Department and Fulbright programs that have been offered through the university. Both online and in person, she has taught international students and scholars about topics such as networking, oral communication and storytelling. She’s currently serving as a Gen Ed Assessment Area Fellow for the General Education Oversight Committee.

Courses taught by Colleen Ezzeddine

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Winter Term 2024

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Winter Term 2023

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Winter Term 2022

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