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Bill Warters (Ph.D., Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs) is a core faculty member in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution (MADR) Program  in the Department of Communication. Dr. Warters, an Assistant Professor, teaches courses such as the Roots of Social Conflict; Neutral Intervention Theory and Practice; Human Diversity and Human Conflict; Ethnographic Research Methods; Final Seminar in Dispute Resolution; and an online course in Communication Technology and Conflict. Bill's symbolic intereactionist research approach favors qualitative methods used to explore the lived experiences of participants. Demonstrating a strong interest (and hopefully an aptitude) in pedagogical best practices, Bill was chosen to be an WSU Office for Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellow from 2006 to 2008. 

In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Warters' work includes developing innovative conflict resolution knowledge dissemination and skill building platforms and tools. For example, Bill recently updated Creducation.net, a clearinghouse he built supporting conflict resolution in educational contexts. Back in August of 2012 Bill released a free iPad app that draws on some of the CRE resources from his two federally funded web clearinghouses, Campus-adr.org and CREducation.org. Project links are available at http://campus-adr.net   When he is not prepping for class or going down twitter rabbitholes, Bill likes to ride his bike, canoe, attend Quaker Meeting and play freestyle frisbee.

Academic Interests

Symbolic interactionism; local cultures of dispute resolution; mediation practices; conflict resolution in higher education, masculinity and nonviolence; instructional technology; Open Educational Resources movement; qualitative methods, conflict resolution in schools, online dispute resolution (ODR), deliberative communication practices.

Area of Expertise

Conflict Studies
Communication Technology and Conflict
Online Dispute Resolution (see sample VoiceThread on History of ODR)
Web and App Development
Open Educational Resources movement (see sample presentations and free iPad app on Conflict Resolution in Education)
Conflict Resolution in Teacher Education (see creducation.org, a clearinghouse Bill developed with JAMS Foundation and FIPSE funds; see video archive of webinar presented by Bill on Conflict Resolution in Education)
Conflict Management in Higher Education
-- (see campus-adr.org, a project Bill developed with a FIPSE grant; see report from a national Conflict Resolution Task Force meeting Bill facilitated for the Association for Student Conduct Administration)
Ending Men's Violence (see video of presentation by Bill on pro-feminist men's history/experience)
Qualitative and Ethnographic Research Methods
Instructional Technology

Awards & Honors

Award given to Bill Warters

2014 - Second Place, first National Tech for Justice Hackathon, hosted by Code for America & Hastings Law School

2010 - Distinguished Service Award - State Bar Association of Michigan ADR Section

2008 -  William J. Kreidler Award from the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). The award is named after the late teacher, author, trainer, and Quaker, William J. Kreidler, whose conflict resolution curriculum materials were in use in more than 50,000 classrooms by the time of his passing in 2000. It is the highest honor for members working in the Education Sector and is awarded for "Distinguished Service to the Field of Conflict Resolution." 

2006 - Faculty Fellow - WSU Office for Teaching and Learning

1994 - Doctoral Prize for Exemplary Scholarship, Graduate School, Syracuse University

1992 - Dean's Award, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

1991-1992 - Guggenheim Fellowship, Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Men's Perceptual Shifts When Moving from Violence to Nonviolence

Degrees and Certifications

Ph.D. - Syracuse University (Social Science; Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs) - 1993

M.A. - Syracuse University (Social Science) - 1988

Certificate of Achievement in Conflict Resolution, Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts, Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs - 1988

Certified Mediation Trainer, SF Community Boards Center for Policy and Training - 1985

B.A. - University of California at Santa Cruz (Conflict Resolution) - 1984

Goddard College Social Ecology Institute - 1977

Primary Research Interest

One of my areas of interest is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). This pearltree I created of resources related to ODR demonstrates the broad range of materials in this emerging field.

A recent presentation I gave at the "Renewal and Reconciliation in Urban Contexts" conference hosted by WSU's Dispute Resolution Consortium explored Dispute Resolution Technology's role in the situations such as the ongoing Water Shutoffs Dispute in Detroit. Slides from the session can be viewed online here.

Recent Publications

cover of Bill's book Mediation in the Campus Community
Bill Warters (2015), "Empowering Networked Individuals (and Practitioners) to Better Manage Conflict" in ACResolution Magazine, Summer 2015, 22-25
William Warters (2010), "Male Violence, Unlearning of" in Nigel Young (ed), Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace: Global Conflict, Analysis, Transformation and Nonviolent Change, Oxford; New York, Oxford University Press
William Warters (2010), "Information and Communications Technology and Peace" in Nigel Young (ed), Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace: Global Conflict, Analysis, Transformation and Nonviolent Change, Oxford; New York, Oxford University Press
Bill Warters (2009), “Models of Mediation Practice” in J. Schrage and N. Giacomini (eds), Reframing Campus Conflict: Student Conduct Practice Through a Social Justice Lens, Sterling, VA, Stylus Publications, 126-139
Warters, W. C. (2005) Review of TAMS Analyzer (Macintosh Version)Field Methods, 17 (3), 321-328
Warters, W. C. (2004) "Applications of Mediation in the Campus Community" in Restorative Justice on the College Campus by David Karp and Thomas Allena (Eds) Springfield, IL:Charles C Thomas
Keashly, L and W. C. Warters (2000) "Encountering Conflict: Interpersonal Contexts" in Patterns of Conflict, Paths to Peace by Larry Fisk and John Schellenberg (Eds) Peterborough, Ontario:Broadview Press
Warters, W. C. (1999) Graduate Studies in Dispute Resolution: A Delphi Study of the Field's Present and FutureOnline Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2 (2)
Warters, W. C. (1999) Mediation in Higher Education: A Problem-solving Approach for 'Organized Anarchies', in  Novos Paradigmas em Mediaçâo, D. Fried Schnitman & S. Littlejohn (Eds) Porto Alegre: Artmed. Trans. J. Haubert Rodrigues & M.A.G. Domingues.
Recent Presentations

"Theories of the Third Side: Identifying Acceptable Conflict Intervention Roles Based on Social Settings" at Associatiion for Conflict Resolution 2015 Annual Conference, Reno, Nevada, October 8, 2015. Video and Slides are available online.

"Technology's Role in Dispute Resolution, with a Focus on Water Conflict" at "Renewal and Reconciliation in Urban Contexts" Dispute Resolution Consortium Conference, May 12, 2015.

"Leadership Styles" at Ralph Bunche Summer Institute, Wayne State University, July 25, 2013

"Networked Individualism & ADR/ODR Process: Reflections Through the Lens of 'Peer Mediation' on Twitter" at ODR FORUM 2013, Universite de Montreal Cyberjustice Laboratory, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 18, 2013

"Cyberbullying and Homophobia in Schools and Workplaces: Prevention and Response Strategies" presented with Priscilla Prutzman at the Association for Conflict Resolution annual conference, September 13, 2012, New Orleans, LA.

Webinar  “Conflict Resolution in Education: Review of a Broad Field” presented Dec 21, 2010, hosted by ADRhub and Creighton University. More than 70 people registered for the end of semester event. The archived session is viewable at http://adrhub.com/forum/topics/adrhub-december-webinar

Featured presenter for WSU's Digital Humanities Collaboratory presentation series. The Jan 28, 2011 talk, entitled "What's New on Bill Warters' Radar?" explored recent developments in the teaching and learning technology space. Slides are available at http://www.slideshare.net/warters/whats-on-bill-warters-radar


Academic Director - Dispute Resolution program at WSU

Editorial Board Member - Conflict Resolution Quarterly journal

Editorial Board Member - International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution

Manager - Eastside Conflict Resolution Outreach (ESCRO) project - see escro.us

Editorial Committee Member (2011) - ACResolution (Association for Conflict Resolution's member magazine)

National Planning Committee Member - Conflict Resolution Day annual event (3rd Thursday in October)

Web Developer/Project Manager - Conflict Resolution Education Connection

Director - Conflict Management in HIgher Education Resource Center

Producer - Conflict Learning Audio podcast

Program Committee Member (2008-2010) - Friends World Media

Editor - Conflict Management in Higher Education Report (currently inactive)

Blogger - Campus-adr Tech Blog 

Mediator - Harper Woods Community Mediation service

Courses Taught

COM 6220 - Communication Technology and Conflict

COM 8360 - Ethnographic Methods in Communication Research

DR 7100 - Roots of Social Conflict

DR 7220 - Neutral Intevention Theory and Practice

DR 7890 - Final Seminar in Dispute Resolution

 DR 6120 - Human Diversity and Human Conflict