Warrior Student Profile: Katie Pusz, Vice President of Chapter Development for PRSSA

Katie Pusz, 21, is the Vice President of Chapter Development for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). PRSSA is a student organization that gives public relations students opportunities outside of class to improve their skills and expand their network for their future career. 


"I kind of serve as a communication liaison between the general members and the executive board," said Katie. 


As the liaison, she collects information from the metro area and incorporates it into weekly e-blasts that go to PRSSA members. This weekly newsletter provides professional opportunities, internships, agency tours and professional development opportunities. 


"It’s my responsibility to make sure those get dispersed out to our general members," said Katie. "Every Sunday at 7 a.m. I craft weekly updates." 


Katie said she loves the personal and professional growth she has gained from PRSSA. 


"Because of my liaison position it’s kind of challenged me to really get to know each of our members," said Katie. "It’s inspired me to grow as a person so I can help them do what they want to do."  


Katie said she hopes to work in nonprofit PR, specifically in women and children’s health. 


 "I’m hoping to get into something that kind of dabbles in both, like March of Dimes," said Katie. "That would be my dream job."


Katie is on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in public relations December 2016. 


"It’s probably the most challenging part of my college career so far because I’m balancing being in this limbo state between being a student and starting to be a professional," said Katie. "So it’s a confusing, hazy time of my life." 


"My advice would be just smile through it,” said Katie. “Know that it’s all a good thing."