Scholarship recipients for 2022-23, new scholarship announcement and more

We are excited to announce our Lambda Pi Eta inductees and our scholarship recipients for the 2022/23 academic year. We had the honor of celebrating with our students at multiple end-of-the-year events in April including our annual events such as Spirit of Diversity, the Forensics Banquet, PRSSA Breakfast, as well as at our first-ever Student Showcase. 

We are also pleased to announce two new scholarships that will be offered in the 2023/24 academic year: The Joann M. Hildebrandt Memorial Scholarship in Film and Media Arts and the VVK PR + Creative Student Scholarship. The VVK PR + Creative Student Scholarship will be open to all students in PR and Media Arts and Studies.  

We are very proud of our students and all of their hard work. Congratulations!

Lamda Pi Eta Inductees: 

  • Amelia Benavides-Colon 

  •   Bria Brown 

  •   Stephanie Camarena  

  •  Emily Crane  

  •  Israa Darwich  

  •  Benjamin Efors  

  •  Arben Gacaferi  

  •  Victoria George  

  •  Robert Hannan  

  •  Gabriela Iriarte  

  •  Kaylie MacGillis  

  •  Robert Melcher  

  •  Allyson Petty  

  •  Hailey Reed 

  •   Grace Reyes  

  •  Cameron Stokes  

  •  Melba Terrell  

  •  Katie-Jane Tsiang  

  • Phoenix Vlasin  

  • Jessica Zachara 

Department Winners: 

E. Ray Skinner Scholarship  

  •  Abass Elmoukahal  

  •  Gabriela Iriarte 

Eunice & Ed J. Pappas Endowed Scholarship  

  •  Victoria George  

Jane Fitzgibbon Endowed Student Award  

  •  Maram AlTurky  

Loepp Family Endowed Scholarship  

  •  Michelle Hines  

  •  Shanya Parrott  

  •  Nargis S Rahman  

  •  Breona Wilson 

Steven Plochocki Endowed Scholarship  

  • • Steven Kaiser  

Winifred Clephane Endowed Graduate Scholarship  

  • • Nargis S Rahman 

Public Relations Winners: 

Renee Abraham Harries Scholarship  

  • Breanna Peterson 

  • Marina Johnson 

  • Allyson Pettey 

  • Raquel Kinsky 

Marx Layne Scholarship 

  • Chelsea Hollins  

Jeannine Gregory Scholarship 

  •  Mya Smith  

Berg Muirhead Scholarship 

  • Lynzee Blanks 

Forensics and Debate Winners: 

Alfonso Rodriquez Award (Best GPA) 

  • Lukis Bagdon 

Angela Cowen Memorial Award (Best Performance with Limited Experience) 

  • Jessica Schmidt 

Don Ritzenhein Award (Top First Year Team Members) 

  • Liam Teasdle 

  • Faith Stanley 

  • Finley Culhane 

  • Eleen Laham 

Jack Kay Award (Best Public Address) 

  • Hannah D'Hondt 

Jane Greco Memorial Award (Most Improved) 

  • Marie Moore 

 Neil Mansharami Award (Best Limited Prep) 

  • Jenna Alamat  

Paul Nine Award (Top Overall Debater(s)) 

  • Faith Howard 

  • Irshad Husain 

Raymond & Alice Hayes Award (Top Second Year Team Members) 

  • David Foust 

  • Mackenzie Bisdorf 

Richard Bernstein Award (Best Teammate) 

  • Mirrabella Trestrail 

Shawn McGee Kahle Award (Top First Year Performance on Speech Team 

  • Leena Jandali 

Journalism Winners: 

Automotive Press-Vinikour Scholarship 

  •   Madeline Beck  

Benjamin Burns Scholarship  

  •  Katherine Vaughn 

 Freedman Scholarship  

  • Camille Williams 

Gebert Scholarship  

  •  Shawntay Lewis  

  • Camille Williams 

Giles Scholarship  

  •  Deania Newman 

 Joyce Skinner Scholarship  

  •  Xenya Burdo  

  •  Ashlin Maguire  

Slocum Scholarship  

  •  Madeline Beck  

  •  Nicholas Henrich  

  •  Nico Pryde  

  •  Athena Schrader  

  •  Katherine Vaughn  

Sprague Holden Scholarship  

  • Natalie Davis  

  • Ashley Harris  

  • Sydney Waelchli

Click here to see photos from the event.