Department of Communication to kick off Faculty Selects showcase

The Wayne State University College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts is proud to present the Department of Communication’s official Faculty Selects Honors page and showcase. Hosted by the department’s Media Arts and Studies program, the Faculty Select Honors program is an annual showcase of film and media arts projects chosen by faculty as examples of excellence in production and writing.

Selections — which include short documentaries, narratives and new media works — will be available on the department’s new Faculty Selects Honors page beginning Friday, May 29. The page will list the student projects nominated by faculty as examples of excellence in media production and screenwriting. The list also includes Faculty Selects and Green List honorees from the 2019-20 academic year, as well as projects from 2018-19, which were honored last year with an official public screening on campus.

“The Faculty Selects Honors program acknowledges excellence within our Media Arts and Studies area, affording students a platform to showcase their creative accomplishments,” said Multimedia Specialist Kelly Gottesman. “Students’ work is nominated by faculty, which resonates strongly throughout the program and with their peers. Given the stranglehold that the COVID-19 pandemic placed on all of us, our students still pushed forward producing stories that reflect the new world in which we live.”

Nominated projects span the media arts spectrum, including short narrative and documentary films, webisodes, new media forms, and production proposals. The Wayne State University Green List honors excellence in screenwriting for narrative film.

The projects are an embodiment of the diverse viewpoints and creative artistic practices of the Wayne State student body. In applying disciplined production techniques to critical storytelling, students offer to the public via their medium a platform for previously marginalized voices and reflections of the larger world through the lenses of their own experience. Of particular note are projects from winter 2020 semester produced by students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, which were created at home with determined creativity and craft despite lack of access to university-supplied equipment and resources.

“In this time of uncertainty and separation, it is especially important that we uplift the efforts of students who have created powerful and compelling work as storytellers,” said Lecturer Jasmine Rivera. “Storytelling unites us all as part of the universal fabric of humanity, and we want to encourage students to continue to shape their creative practice and develop their craft as artists and media producers whose perspectives and voices must be seen and heard.”

The Media Arts and Studies faculty invites the university community and larger public to view the page and join them in celebrating the work of students whose voices bring a reflection of the world that must be seen, heard, shared and honored.

In addition to the listing, a showcase reel of the selected projects will be released for viewing by the public at noon on Friday, May 29, on Vimeo.

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Da’Stanza Murphy

Kelly Gottesman