Congratulations to all the MAS and Film students on their film showings and awards.

Congratulations to film students from the COM 5400 on their recent awards at the I See You Awards. Their film, Desuetude, not only won the Best Picture Award, but Jarod Clark received the Best Director Award and Jackson "Guthrie" Stormer won for Best Cinematography. Desuetude was written by Kelsey O'Brien and Kat McGowan, story by Jarod D. Clark.

Congratulations also to film student Lou "Din" Pastrana and his fellow COM 5400 crewmates Kyle Sims-Harris, Carmen Mirachian, Dana Plastow, Elissar Asfahani, Baraka Elmadari, Emily Roberts, Rishi Grudduguriki, John Trupiano, Aronjonel Villaflor, Spender Pierrard, Sebastian Rivera-Mendoza, Sophia Mizla, Majd Safia, Jordan Prisby, and Rachelle Ducusin (Executive Producer and COM 5400 instructor Kenniki Jones-Jones) on the recent acceptance of their film, Anak, to the Royal Starr Film Festival premiering September 11th and the Detroit SheTown Women's Film Festival.

The films of three other Department of Communication film students--Min Li (B.A. 2021), Caleb Joye and Jerod Willis--were selected for the Real Fresh student showcase and competition. Their films screened on Friday September 24th at 4:00p.m. at Cinema Detroit. See here

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