Doctoral Students, Graduate Assistants, Fellows

Najma Akhther
  • Najma Akhther
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • 508 Manoogian Hall

  • Najma Akhther (Assistant Professor, Journalism and Media Studies, Jahangirnagar University) is a current Ph.D. student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in...
Mostafa Aniss
  • Mostafa Aniss
  • PhD candidate, Graduate teaching assistant
  • Mostafa is a PhD candidate (M.A., University of the Pacific) at Wayne State University studying the influence of social media on romantic relationship...
Fatima Barakji
Lacey Brim
Laura Bruns
Jamie Cobb
Farah Harb
  • Farah Harb
  •  Farah Harb is a PhD student and instructor in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University. Her research focuses on quantitative methods in...
Khairul Islam
  • Khairul Islam
  • PhD Student
  • Khairul Islam, M.A., M.S., is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University, major in health communication. He studies...
Miwa Ito
  • Miwa Ito
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • 585 Manoogian
  • Miwa Ito is a social scientist studying organizational communication, specifically intraorganizational communication processes. The goal of her research is...
Anna Lindner
  • Anna Lindner
  • Doctoral Student
  • Anna (MA in Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University) is a second-year Communication Studies doctoral student. Her work has focused on...
Michael Major
  • Michael Major
  • Mike Major is a part-time PhD student in communication. He is director of career services at Saginaw Valley State University and is an officer in the Navy...
Maria Clara Martucci
Robert Matheny
  • Robert Matheny
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Robert is a PhD candidate with an emphasis in interpersonal communication.  He teaches courses in research methods, interpersonal communication, business...
Kelsey Mesmer
  • Kelsey Mesmer
  • Thomas C. Rumble Fellow, Instructor
  • MANO 508

  • Kelsey Mesmer is a Ph.D. candidate and Thomas C. Rumble Fellow in the Department of Communication. In Fall 2021, she will start as an Assistant Professor of...
Jade Metzger-Riftkin
  • Jade Metzger-Riftkin
  • Graduate Researching Assistant
  • Jade Metzger is a PhD student in communication studies. She her current research assignment is focused on doxing, including the framing of doxing in...
Jacob Nickell
  • Jacob Nickell
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Jake Nickell is a PhD candidate in the communication studies program. His scholarly interests pertain to rhetorical criticism and his research is concerned...
Christine Nyawaga
Sydney O'Shay
  • Sydney O'Shay
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Thomas C. Rumble Fellow, Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute Fellow
  • 584 Manoogian Hall

  • Sydney O’Shay-Wallace is a Ph.D. candidate and Thomas C. Rumble Fellow in the Department of Communication. She is also a Fellow with the Merrill Palmer...
Fariba Pajooh
  • Fariba Pajooh
  • Fariba is a Ph.D. student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University. She is an experienced journalist and...
Erin Perry
  • Erin Perry
  • Ph.D. candidate and Dean's Diversity Fellow
  • Erin is a Ph.D. candidate studying the effects of new media and television on the journalism profession, using a framework that focuses on journalism...
Ariel Seay-Howard
  • Ariel Seay-Howard
  • Doctoral Candidate
  •  Manoogian Hall office 508

  • Ariel Elizabeth Seay-Howard is a Doctoral Candidate in the communication department at Wayne State University. Ariel is working to become a rhetorician; her...
Nicholas Smith
Sarah Walker
  • Sarah Walker
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Sarah Walker joined the Wayne State PhD program as a debate coach in the Fall of 2015. She received her BA from Minnesota State University in May of 2011...
Matthew Warner
  • Matthew Warner
  • Matthew Warner is a rhetorical scholar, teacher and forensics coach. His research centers around the rhetoric of sovereignty and citizenship/identity. He is...
Kai XU