Research Laboratory

The Communication Research Laboratory is on the 4th floor of Manoogian Hall, rooms 456 and 460. Through an inter-disciplinary approach to theory building and an emphasis on research with an applied focus, the laboratory offers faculty and students a space for conducting both quantitative and qualitative research on communication processes related to message effects/reception, message production and social interaction.

Located in room 456, the computer laboratory offers high-end computers and software that allows for multimedia stimuli construction and response time data collection. The space is available for carrying out experiments and surveys, including testing persuasive messages, formative research for health campaigns, responses to media entertainment, reception of news and audience surveys.

In room 460, the qualitative research area offers a quiet space to conduct focus groups and depth interviews, and to record interactions for discourse analysis. Equipment is also available for audio transcription, video and audio recording and Skype sessions.

For more information, please contact the laboratory coordinator, Fred Vultee.