Part-Time Faculty

Darnell Anderson
  • Darnell Anderson
  • My teaching philosophy revolves around the concept of life-long learning and developing critical thinking skills. Actually, my entire teaching philosophy...
Lena Antoon
Scott Burke
  • Scott Burke
  • Lecturer
  • 527 Manoogian Hall

  • Scott Burke is a native Detroiter who grew up in the US Virgin Islands. He graduated from Michigan State University (BA, Telecommunication) in 1992. He...
Theresa Ceccarelli
  • Theresa Ceccarelli
  • Part-Time Faculty
  • 225 Manoogian Hall

  • Part-Time Faculty, Department of Communication, Wayne State University. My role in the Department of Communication is as Part-Time Faculty of the Business...
John Cicala
Toni Cunningham
  • Toni Cunningham
  •  Toni Cunningham is a screenwriter, producer, independent filmmaker and former Kresge Arts in Detroit fellow. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Wayne...
Amna Husain
Baldvin Kari
  • Baldvin Kari
  •  Baldvin Kári is an Icelandic screenwriter and film producer currently teaching screenwriting at Wayne State University as well as working at the Icelandic...
Lorraine King
  • Lorraine King
  • PT II Instructor
  • Lori King is a PT II instructor in the WSU journalism department, teaching digital photojournalism and new media courses. She is also a host and producer...
Adrienne Kozlowski
  • Adrienne Kozlowski
  • Adrienne Kozlowski has held a part-time faculty appointment in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University since 1997. She has taught...
  • Part Time Faculty
  • Part-Time Faculty, Department of Communication, Wayne State University. I have been a Part-Time Faculty in the Department of Communication since graduating...
Keisha Reynolds
  • Keisha Reynolds
  •  Keisha Reynolds is best defined as kinetic. She puts things in motion and believes in the power of community. Keisha is the CEO of K&R Communications,...
Donald Ritzenhein
  • Donald Ritzenhein
  • Donald Ritzenhein holds a BA degree from Wayne State’s former Monteith College, and MA and Ph.D. degrees in communication from the CFPCA.Don was a very...
Eileen Sandlin
  • Eileen Sandlin
  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Eileen Figure Sandlin is an award-winning writer and author of 24 nonfiction books, including 18 small business start-up books. She has published more than...
Courtney Spivak
Tonya Thomas
  • Tonya Thomas
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Online via web conference


  • As Adjunct Professor, Media Arts & Studies in the WSU College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts (CFPCA), Tonya V Thomas is an education...
Paige Wood
  • Paige Wood
  • Adjunct Professor
  • PAIGE WOOD is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and creative consultant. Born in Detroit, Paige has produced and/or co-written a number...