Juanita Anderson
  • Juanita Anderson
  • Senior Lecturer and Area Head, Media Arts and Studies
  • 519 Manoogian Hall
  • jbanderson@wayne.edu
  • Juanita Anderson, Senior Lecturer and Area Head of Media Arts and Studies programs, is a veteran producer, executive producer and documentary filmmaker. She...
Scott Burke
  • Scott Burke
  • Lecturer
  • 527 Manoogian Hall

  • ax0306@wayne.edu
  • Scott Burke is a native Detroiter who grew up in the US Virgin Islands. He graduated from Michigan State University (BA, Telecommunication) in 1992. He...
Paul Echeverria
  • Paul Echeverria
  • Assistant Professor of Digital and Emerging Media
  • 521 Manoogian Hall

  • paulecheverria@wayne.edu
  • Paul Echeverria is a filmmaker and digital artist. His research and creative practice examines the formative dynamics between childhood, parenthood and the...
Stine Eckert
  • Stine Eckert
  • Associate Professor
  • 571 Manoogian
  • fq0936@wayne.edu
  • Stine Eckert (Ph.D., University of Maryland) joined the Wayne State journalism faculty in 2014. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and...
Colleen Ezzeddine
  • Colleen Ezzeddine
  • Lecturer
  • Colleen Ezzeddine is joining us full time as a full-time lecturer in Communication, specifically teaching Com 1010, Intro to Oral Communication. She is an...
Perry Farrell
  • Perry Farrell
  • Internship Coordinator
  • gl2760@wayne.edu
  • Perry is a 38-year veteran of the newspaper industry. He grew up in Saginaw and attended Buena Vista, where he was class president his junior and senior...
Jane Fitzgibbon
  • Jane Fitzgibbon
  • Senior Lecturer
  • 517 Manoogian Hall
  • janefitzgibbon@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Jane Fitzgibbon (Ph.D., Wayne State University) is a Senior Lecturer and is director of the Business Communication (COM 3300) course. She is a member of...
Darryl Frazier
  • Darryl Frazier
  •  MANO 509

  • darryl.frazier@wayne.edu
  • Darryl Frazier is a full-time lecturer in Communication, primarily teaching Com 1010 - Intro to Oral communication. Prior to his current position, Darryl...
Michael Fuhlhage
  • Michael Fuhlhage
  • Associate Professor
  • 575 Manoogian

  • fr1136@wayne.edu
  • Michael Fuhlhage (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A. University of Missouri School of Journalism) joined the Wayne State journalism...
Rosie Jahng
  • Rosie Jahng
  • Assistant Professor
  • 525 Manoogian Hall
  • jahng@wayne.edu
  • Rosie Jahng joined the Department of Communication of Wayne State University, Fall 16. She holds a PhD in Journalism from the University of Missouri, MA...
Loraleigh Keashly
  • Loraleigh Keashly
  • Professor; Associate Dean, Curriculum & Student Affairs, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts; Distinguished Service Professor
  • 577 Manoogian Hall (faculty) and Linsell House (Dean's Office)
  • l.keashly@wayne.edu
  •   Loraleigh Keashly (Ph.D. U of Saskatchewan, Canada) is Professor in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University, Detroit. Her research,...
Katheryn Maguire
  • Katheryn Maguire
  • Professor and Chair
  • 585 Manoogian Hall

  • kmaguire@wayne.edu
  • Katheryn C. Maguire is Professor and Chair in the Department of Communication here at Wayne State University. Her research centers on how individuals use...
Patricia McCormick
  • Patricia McCormick
  • Associate Professor
  • 513 Manoogian Hall
  • dz7089@wayne.edu
  • Patricia K. McCormick , an Associate Professor,  holds a Ph.D. in Mass Media/Telecommunications and an M.A. in Telecommunications from Michigan State...
Karen McDevitt
  • Karen McDevitt
  • Senior Lecturer
  • 573 Manoogian / 906 W. Warren / Detroit 48201
  • aa6545@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Karen McDevitt teaches New Media Practices (COM 5280) and New Media Theory (COM 6270), which are the two core courses for the Graduate Certificate in...
Rahul Mitra
  • Rahul Mitra
  • Associate Professor
  • 541 Manoogian Hall

  • rahul.mitra@wayne.edu
  • Rahul Mitra is an Associate Professor, whose research is at the intersection of organizational and environmental communication. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D....
Anita Mixon
  • Anita Mixon
  • Assistant Professor and Basic Course Director COM 1010
  • 539 Manoogian Hall
  • anita.mixon@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Anita Mixon received her doctoral degree in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she specialized in Rhetoric and...
Jessica Moorman
  • Jessica Moorman
  • Assistant Professor of Communication
  • jdmoorman@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Jessica D. Moorman earned a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan and a Master of Health Science in Health, Behavior, and Society...
Alicia Nails
  • Alicia Nails
  • Lecturer
  • 559 Manoogian
  • ANails@wayne.edu
  • Alicia Nails directs the Journalism Institute for Media Diversity. She is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and freelance writer, including appearing in the...
Michele Najor
  • Michele Najor
  • Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Public Relations Program
  • m.a.najor@wayne.edu
  • Shelly Najor is director of the undergraduate public relations program at Wayne State University in Detroit. As a faculty member in the Department of...
Julie Novak
  • Julie Novak
  • Associate Professor
  • 529 Manoogian Hall
  • jmnovak@wayne.edu
  • My approach to learning and research takes theory and infuses it with praxis or praxis and infuses it with theory to mediate a better world. I agree with...
Hayg Oshagan
Donyale Padgett
  • Donyale Padgett
  • Associate Professor -- Diversity, Culture & Communication
  • 515 Manoogian Hall
  • drpadge@wayne.edu
  • Professor Padgett has been a faculty member in the Department of Communication at Wayne since the fall of 2002 and on the tenure-track since 2006. Her...
Kimmerly Piper-Aiken
  • Kimmerly Piper-Aiken
  • Journalism Area Head, Department Internship Coordinator; Manager of the 5057 Midtown TV Studio; Senior Lecturer
  • 565 Manoogian Hall
  • kpiperaiken@wayne.edu
  • Kimmerly Piper-Aiken, Ph.D., teaches broadcast journalism and television production. She created the TV News Reporting and Digital Editing course and...
Matthew Seeger
  • Matthew Seeger
  • Professor and Dean
  • 5104 Gullen Mall - The Linsell House
  • matthew.seeger@wayne.edu
  • Matthew W. Seeger, (Ph.D., 1982, Indiana University) has been a faculty member and administrator at Wayne State University for 32 years. He is currently...
Pradeep Sopory
  • Pradeep Sopory
  • Associate Professor
  • 523 Manoogian Hall

  • dz3594@wayne.edu
  • Pradeep Sopory (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison) conducts research on health, risk, and science communication. He investigates message design and...
Ronald Stevenson
  • Ronald Stevenson
  • Senior Lecturer and Director of Debate
  • 537 Manoogian Hall
  • stevenson.ron@gmail.com
  • Dr. Stevenson grew up in Michigan and was recruited by his mentor, Distinguished Professor George Ziegelmueller, to attend Wayne State University and...
Elizabeth Stoycheff
  • Elizabeth Stoycheff
  • Associate Professor
  • 563 Manoogian Hall
  • elizabeth.stoycheff@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Elizabeth Stoycheff teaches journalism, new media, international communication, and quantitative methods. She has been named a Promising Professor by...
Stephanie Tong
  • Stephanie Tong
  • Associate Professor
  • 569 Manoogian Hall
  • stephanie.tong@wayne.edu
  • Stephanie Tong is an associate professor in the communication studies area. Her research interests lie at the intersection of interpersonal communication...
Fred Vultee
  • Fred Vultee
  • Associate professor
  • 567 Manoogian
  • vulteef@wayne.edu
  • Fred Vultee (PhD, University of Missouri) is an associate professor in the journalism area of the Department of Communication. He teaches news editing,...
Kelly Young
  • Kelly Young
  • Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
  • 555 Manoogian Hall

  • kelly.young@wayne.edu
  • Dr. Kelly Michael Young is an associate professor and the director of graduate studies for the department. He primarily teaches courses in argumentation,...