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Summer Doctoral Seminar

June 2-5, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan 
with distinguished guest scholar Dr. Joseph Walther

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Computer Mediated Communication:
​Technological Evolution and Theoretical Adaptation

Wayne State's annual Summer Doctoral Seminar, June 2-5, 2015, focuses on a rigorous explication of core theories of CMC and their empirical investigations. The seminar explores extensions of the theories through application to contemporary social media, how research can or cannot extend the theories or identify their boundaries, and how to explain social interaction in these most modern applications. The seminar culminates in participants' presentation of tentative research proposals, and feedback from attendees, suggesting the application or modification of one or two theories to a form of social media interaction, in such a way that could lead to a dissertation or early career study.

Joseph Walther 

Joseph Walther (Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1990) is the Wee Kim Wee Professor in the Division of Communication Research at Nanyang Technological University. He has developed several original theories on the interpersonal aspects of computer-mediated communication, with applications in personal relations, online groups, and educational activities. His research examines how people form impressions and get to know one another online, and how they relate to one another personally and/or professionally as they work and/or socialize. The work has been cited frequently across a range of disciplines. Extensions of this work have been made into online dating, deception, collaboration and knowledge-sharing, social network sites, and other social media.


                                       Seminar Information

Apply Now. Apply by March 1, 2015 for your place in the 11th annual seminar.All Ph.D. students interested in being exposed to leading communication research and theory are encouraged to apply. Most expenses for accepted candidates will be paid or reimbursed by the Department of Communication at Wayne State University. Covered expenses for domestic students include airfare, lodging and meals, and course materials. An opening reception and other social events will give participants an opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas. A small group of doctoral students will be selected to join this unique program.  

To apply: By March 1, 2015 send your curriculum vitae, a 500-word statement that outlines how attending the workshop will further your academic career, and a support letter from academic advisor to:

Department of Communication 
585 Manoogian Hall
Wayne State University Detroit, MI 48201
Contact: Lee Wilkins 313-577-2959 

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