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Undergraduate students in the department are assigned to an academic advisor based on their area of interest. If you are an Honors student or are unsure of what your major will be, you can contact Academic Services Officer Victoria Dallas at vdallas@wayne.edu.

Students are encouraged to declare their major as early as possible and to meet with their department advisor regularly. Your advisor can not only assist you in navigating the requirements of your program, but also help you make course selection decisions and help you sequence your courses in the most appropriate progression. Our advisors strive to provide a safe environment for you to discuss your thoughts, aspirations and concerns about being a student, provide referrals and strategies for using the available resources on campus and, most importantly, encourage and support you as you progress through your academic experience. You can make an appointment with your advisor by clicking on the links below.

Advisors for undergraduates

MAJORS:  Honors, Minors, Returning students who started the major before 2000
Victoria Dallas
Academic Services Officer IV
E-mail vdallas@wayne.edu to schedule an appointment.

MAJORS:  Film, Journalism, Media Arts and Studies
Jessica Greenwald
Academic Advisor II
Schedule an appointment with Jessica by clicking here.

MAJORS:  Communication Studies, Public Relations, Exploratory Communication Arts students                       
Lena Antoon
Schedule an appointment with Lena by clicking here.


Communication advising location:

585 Manoogian Hall (5th floor)
906 W. Warren Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
Detroit, MI 48201

Office location map.