Wayne State University

Public Relations

Public relations is an exciting and challenging field which demands individuals with excellent communication skills and training. Most public relations classes are taught by faculty members who have professional experience in addition to their academic training. The practical applications of ethics are carefully considered. The program pays special attention to effective written and oral communication as well as developing a fundamental understanding of human communication and research methods.

Career opportunities

Public relations employment is diverse. Communications companies, television and radio stations, theatres, sports teams, corporations and non-profit organizations, trade associations, government and educational institutions all need people with management skills in public relations and communication.


Wayne State's program combines theory and practice - students learn the principles and concepts of the professional practice of public relations and are required to perform many of these tasks. Students are exposed regularly to the industry through Wayne State's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and through guest lectures by professionals and community service work. Internships are strongly recommended, and the Department of Communication's internship coordinator organizes a broad network with many interesting opportunities for students. We have a very close relationship with the Detroit chapter of PRSA.

Minor in Public Relations

For students

The PRSSA program has several scholarships and awards for students majoring in PR. Additionally, the PRSSA chapter enjoys a spacious office and lounge area on the 4th floor of Manoogian Hall. Students have access to news writing computer labs in the same building. Wayne State's chapter of PRSSA has been in existence for more than 25 years.

PR at Macomb

This Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations major was designed specifically for students at WSU's University Center at Macomb. With this program, full-time transfer students who enter Wayne State University with an Associate's degree or MTA stamp can potentially complete their Bachelor's degree in 2 years (including Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer terms).  These students take their PR classes at the University Center at Macomb.  Some classes may be offered online.  All courses held at the University Center at Macomb are offered after 5PM.


Macomb Community College (MCC) Courses:

SPCH 1060 - Speech Communication (3 cr) fulfills WSU COM 1010
SPCH 1400 - Mass Media Communication in a Global Culture (3 cr) fulfills WSU COM 1500
SPCH 2110 – Persuasion (3cr) fulfills WSU COM 2170

WSU courses at the University Center Macomb or Online:

COM 2030 - Journalistic Grammar and Style (3 cr)
COM 2100 - News Reporting (3 cr)
COM 3170 - Fundamentals of Public Relations (3 cr)
COM 3210 – News Editing (3 cr)
COM 3250 - Introduction to Organizational Communication (3 cr)
COM 3400 - Theories of Communication (3 cr)
COM 4170 – (WI) Public Relations Writing (3 cr). This course is the designated writing intensive course for the major.
COM 4210 - Introduction to Research Methods in Communication and Public Relations (3 cr)
COM 5130 - Communication and Social Marketing (3 cr)
COM 5160 - Public Relations Campaigns (3 credits). Senior level capstone course. To be taken in the last 21 hours of study.
COM 5300 – Desktop Publishing (3 cr)

Classes are offered at the University Center Macomb in a specific rotation.  Students who plan to complete the PR at Macomb program are expected to consult with their advisor in order to create a personalized Plan of Work.  


Important reminders

You must complete all courses in WSU's College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts with a C (2.0) or better. This also includes all transfer credits that may be applicable to the major programs. You must also complete the university's general education and competency requirements, as well as the college's group requirements, which include completion of a foreign language through the equivalent of three semesters of a foreign language or two semesters of foreign language and one foreign culture class.


Careful planning is required to assure timely completion of the program. You should consult an advisor as soon as you decide to enroll in the public relations program. You are expected to follow the published curriculum for your major and to consult regularly with an advisor.

Special activities

Coursework is only one part of your undergraduate education. Employers pay close attention to the types of activities in which applicants participated as students. There are many valuable activities in which to participate on campus. The Department of Communication sponsors the Wayne State University chapter of the Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA), below, as well as the nationally acclaimed debate and speech teams. In addition, you are encouraged to participate in such activities as student government and WSU's student newspaper, The South End.


The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a national pre-professional organization which was established in 1968. Membership in Wayne State's PRSSA chapter offers many opportunities and benefits. Some of these opportunities include luncheons with the Detroit Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) group, attending workshops and district or national conferences. Members can also participate in national PRSSA competitions and are eligible for scholarships. The Wayne chapter also has its own newsletter which members may involve themselves in writing and producing. However, they may choose to write for PRSSA's district or national newsletter. Contact the faculty sponsor, Dr. Shelly Najor, for more information at (313) 577-1556 or via e-mail: m.a.najor@wayne.edu.