Wayne State University

Scott Mitchell



Scott Mitchell's research interests revolve around rhetorical criticism, collective memory and social constructions of power throughout society. He explores how we as a society understand our pasts and how those understandings construct power for individuals, groups and institutions throughout our culture. Content areas his research centers upon are the Civil Rights Movement, public protests, historical texts, Hip-Hop music and memorials. In addition to teaching the basic oral communication course (COM 1010), he has taught the department’s persuasive speaking course (COM 2170) and business communication and presentations course (COM 3300).

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Academic Interests

Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorical Criticism, Critical Studies, Neo-Marxist Rhetoric, Social Movement Rhetoric, Hip-Hop studies, Rhetoric and Memory, The Rhetoric of Antonio Gramsci.

Degrees and Certifications

Master of Science, Illinois State University (2014)

Thesis: Hegemonic Resistance in Hip-hop: A Gramscian Rhetorical Criticism of Tupac Shakur

Bachelor of Science, Illinois State University (2012)