Wayne State University

Idrissa N. Snider



Idrissa N. Snider continued her academic career after 10 years of professional experience working in the media industry. As a scholar, her interests lies in the area of Womanist Studies, interdisciplinary focus: identity and representation. Idrissa's work is particularly concerned with how mass media representations and cultural artifacts influence social hierarchies. She most recently co-authored a textbook chapter titled, Dispelling Darkness Through Dialogue in Discrimination Cases (2016), which addresses diversity issues within organizational settings. Her forthcoming publication covers the National Welfare Rights Association (NWRO) in ABC Clio's Black Encyclopedia. She most recently joined the faculty at Miles College in Fairfield, AL as a Communications Instructor and Coordinator of Integrated Public Relations. Snider is involved with numerous non-profits and organizations. Outside of her dedication to teaching, Snider's true passion is community outreach.


Academic Interests

 Womanist Studies, Critical Race Theories, & Mass Media