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Kelly Donnellan


  • Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Studies

  • 527 Manoogian Hall

  • eu2266@wayne.edu


Kelly Donnellan (MFA, American University) is an assistant professor of media arts and studies. She teaches the undergraduate courses COM 1600 Introduction to Audio, TV and Film Production and COM 3380 Editing and Field Production. Kelly has also supervised Honor’s projects and taught several sections of COM 3990 Directed Study. She has worked with students in Directed Study on independent projects and collaborated community organizations for student service learning opportunities.

Kelly brings her production and post-production experience into the classroom through demonstrations, technical exercises and hands on projects. She emphasizes practical acquisition of digital video production skills on various cameras (Canon T2i and XA-10), audio recorders (Zoom H4N), microphones (various shotgun, Lavaliere and condenser mics) and lighting equipment (2 and 3 point lights). She also highlights non-linear editing software (Avid Media Composer) proficiency for the introductory student.

Kelly has multiple goals for the intermediate student. First is to enhance their skills to intermediate/advanced in digital video editing using Avid Media Composer software through a series of technical lessons. Second is to develop critical understanding of editing aesthetics and the power of the juxtaposition of images through classroom screenings and creative production exercises. Third is to become fluent in cinema languages for the creation of original media content. The fourth is to emphasize the practical application of DSLR cameras (7D), Prime and Zoom lenses (Sigma, Samyang, Tokina and Canon), rigs (PR-1), lighting (F&V 3 point LED) and production techniques to create a “film look” for projects. Fifth is to increase the proficiency of location sound recording using a variety of microphones, recorders and mixers (such as the Tascam DR-680). Lastly is for the intermediate student to develop both original content and their own personal voice both in production and in the editing room.

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Degrees and Certifications

Primary Research Interest

Editing and Post Production, Documentary, Film and Video production, Experimental Film, New Media, Social Media, Interactive Media, Educational Media, E-learning, Emerging Technologies, Web Based Distribution

Courses Taught

COM 1600 Introduction to Audio, Television, and Film Production

COM 3380 Editing and Field Production

COM 3990 Directed Study

COM 5350 Media Arts Production

COM 5380 Video and Film Editing

COM 7380 Advanced Media Editing.