Wayne State University

Marta Natalia Lukacovic



Marta Lukacovic is a Thomas C. Rumble Fellow in communication. Her research focuses on political communication and digital media, specifically user-generated online content in connection to framing, peace/war journalism and security/securitization. She embraces mixed methods, including experiments, content analyses and discourse analyses. Her research has been presented at a number of regional, national and international conferences.

Academic Interests

Media Studies, Media Effects, Political Communication, Framing, Securitization

Awards & Honors

Departmental Graduate Student Research/Creative Activity Award (2015)
Departmental Elizabeth G. Youngjohn Undergraduate Teaching Award (2014)

Degrees and Certifications

M.A. Communication Studies - Political Communication, Wayne State University

B.A. Communication, Ferris State University

B.S. Psychology, Ferris State University

Courses Taught

COM1010 – Oral Communication: Basic Speech
COM1500 – Survey of Mass Communication
COM3400 – Theories of Communication (Writing Intensive)
COM4210 – Research Methods in Communication Studies and Public Relations