Jessica D. Moorman



Dr. Jessica D. Moorman earned a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan and a Master of Health Science in Health, Behavior, and Society from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She draws on her interdisciplinary training to explore how media shape human health and development over the life course. In her current project, Moorman examines the media’s role in shaping Black women’s single socialization; the process by which attitudes and beliefs about single status acquired. Her current singlehood research considers how structural, sociocultural, and interpersonal articulations of race and gender inequity work alongside the media to shape Black women’s experiences of unmarried life. Moorman’s innovative research and teaching have been repeatedly recognized for their quality and impact. She was a recipient of a Top Paper Award from the Health Communication Division of the National Communication Association in 2016; was named a Pre-Doctoral Fellow for the American Association of University Women in 2017; and in 2018, received a Pro-Quest Distinguished Dissertation Award from the University of Michigan for her project “Being Single Is…: A Study of Black Love Media and Black Women’s Sexual Socialization.”

Area of Expertise

Media Sexual Socialization, Single Socialization, Black Women & Media, Intersectional Approaches to Media & Communication; Children & Media, Sleep & Media, Health Communication

Degrees and Certifications

Ph.D. Communication Studies, University of Michigan 

M.H.S. Health, Behavior, & Society, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Courses Taught

Comm 1500 Survey of Mass Communication