Wayne State University

Edward Pappas



Edward J. Pappas is a professor emeritus of communication at Wayne State University. He served for nineteen years as chair of the Department of Communication, and was a professor in the department for over thirty years. He has lectured at UofM, MSU. Eastern Michigan, University of Kansas and, for one semester, at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece. Before coming to Wayne State, Pappas taught high school English and coached debate.

Pappas is a baseball historian, and co-author of They Tasted Glory: Among the Missing in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is working on another baseball book titled, Motor City Mound Masters: the Best of Tigers’ Pitchers, a history of the best Detroit hurlers from 1900 to 2000.

Pappas has taught the history of the baseball movie for the film studies program at Wayne State, and has lectured on the topic “Diamonds on the Silver Screen” for the Society of Active Retirees (SOAR). Pappas has lectured on various topics relating to baseball history to audiences throughout the United States. Dr. Pappas holds a Ph.D. in rhetoric and public address and has appeared before many corporate, educational and religious groups discussing the problems and processes of human communication. He is a member of several academic societies. He is a member of the Eddie Lake Society, a group of baseball aficionados who meet monthly to exchange old baseball tales and trivia. He also is a member of the Society of Baseball Research (SABR). He resides in Rochester Hills. Ed has three grown children and seven grandchildren.