Wayne State University

Victoria Dallas



Victoria Dallas is an academic services officer in the Department of Communication. Her responsibilities in the department include supervising the advising of students, supervising the office staff, scheduling and staffing classes and managing the departmental budget. She has been with the university for over 30 years.

She has an undergraduate degree in economics and a graduate degree in education with a major in instructional technology. She has an interest in learning theories and how these theories can be applied to advising. Her main interests are in student retention and student success. She has served on several university level committees on these topics including the President’s Committee on Undergraduate Retention, the Retention Implementation Task Force, University Admissions Readiness Committee and most recently the Retention Advisory Committee for Underrepresented Populations and the Strategic Graduation Action Committee.

She has served on and chaired several university, college and departmental committees. At the university level she is chairing the University Advising Council, which is made up of representatives from all of the university’s undergraduate programs and addresses advising issues such as communication and training for advising staff across the university. She has served on the Faculty Academic Senate for the past seven years, with five years of service on the senate's Policy Committee, which is the executive committee of the senate. In prior years she was chair of the Career Development Committee for the Commission on the Status of Women as well as vice chair of the commission.

On a personal note, Ms. Dallas was born in Greece and came to the United States as a small child. One of her most memorable moments is getting her United States citizenship when she was about nine years old. She is truly bi-lingual in Greek and English. She loves to cook Greek food and listen to Greek music. One more interesting note is that she is a graduate of Wayne State, her husband is a graduate of Wayne State, her daughter is a graduate of Wayne State and her hopes are that her son will soon also be a graduate of Wayne State.