Department of Communication Add/Overrides






To request an add/ override to join a class:  

  1. First, you will need to ask the instructor (either in person or via email) of the course you are interested in if they will allow you permission into that section.  If the instructor's email is not listed, or you are having trouble finding it; it may be helpful to explore our faculty page or type in the instructor's name in the search bar on WSU's homepage in order to find their contact information. Email is typically the best way to get in contact with an instructor.

  2. If the professor can allow you into the class, they will forward their written approval to where it will be processed as soon as possible. Please note: overrides are approved at the instructor's discretion, they reserve the right to not approve your override. 

  3. When that is complete, you will be sent an email from registar informing you that you can register for the class.  If you have any other issues processing an override, please reach out to your advisor or the communication department office.