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Oral Communication Competency Examination - Winter 2018

If you completed and passed Part I of the OCCE in the Fall 2017 semester, you may complete Part II of the OCCE on January 26th, 2018. Registration must be received by 2pm on January 17th (see Part II below for application and Part II instructions) in the Department of Communication, Manoogian Hall 585. 

Participating in the OCCE does not guarantee passing and therefore you may not be completing the university's requirement in oral competency.  It is recommended that graduating seniors register for a section of COM 1010 and attend class until both Part I and Part II of the exam are completed and it is certified that you have passed.  The Department of Communication and the University are not responsible for non-refunded monies as a result of registering for, and then dropping, COM 1010.

While you may attempt to pass Part I multiple times, you may only attempt Part II once.  If you do not pass Part II on your first attempt, you will not be able to fulfill the OC requirement through the Oral Competency Examination.

Your class rank within the University does not affect your likelihood of passing either Part I or Part II.  For example, having a senior status and nearing graduation does not give you an advantage over having junior status.  In addition, your status within your own program (e.g., needing to fulfill an OC requirement to remain in your program) does not affect your likelihood of passing.  For Part II, the evaluation panel is focused on whether your speech meets all of the criteria as outlined in the Part II instructions and requirements, and on whether or not your speech represents a capstone speech as would be expected in a 3 credit hour public speaking class.

The date and time of the Oral Communication Competency Exam are firm. We cannot accommodate scheduling conflicts for any reason. 


Oral Communication Competency Exam Part 1 will be administered by the Department of Communication.

Students interested in taking the Oral Communication Competency Examination for Winter 2018 need to register for Part I of the exam through the Department of Communication. There will be a $20 test fee for Part I.

Test Schedule for Part I:

Part I Test Date Registration Deadline

Monday, February 12th, 2018: 1p-3p

MANO 226

Postmarked by Monday, February 5th 2018 or Hand Deliver by Wednesday, February 8th 2018 by 2:00pm.

The Department of Communication is responsible for the content and construction of the exam. 

There are two ways to register for Part I of the Oral Competency Exam through the Department of Communication.

1.  In Person Registration:  Come to the Department of Communication, Manoogian Hall 585, during regular business hours.  The examination fee and the completed Part I registration form (see below) are required to register and must be paid by check or money order payable to Wayne State University.  Cash and other forms of payment will not be accepted. 

2. Mail Registration:   Send your registration to Jamie Pond-Cobb, Department of Communication, 906 W. Warren Ave., 585 Manoogian Hall, Detroit, MI 48201. Please also include the "Part I Registration Form" (see below) filled out electronically. Your request must include both the registration form and the testing fee.  The fee must be paid by check or money order payable to Wayne State University, we do not accept cash.      

Click here for OCE Part I registration form (.doc)
Click here for OCE Part I instructions and study guide (.doc)



Part II of the Oral Competency Equivalency Exam will be administered by the Department of Communication.

Test Schedule for Part II:

Part II Test Date Registration Deadline

Monday, March 5th, 2018: 1p-3p

MANO 226

Postmarked by Monday, February, 26th, 2018. Hand deliver by Wednesday, February 28th, 2018.

Those students who pass Part I of the Oral Competency Exam must register for the Oral Component (Part II) by Wednesday, February 28th 2018.  (Or, if you mail in your registration, it must be postmarked by Monday, February 26th 2018.)  Speech performance will be held Monday, March 5th 2018.

Therefore, in order to take part in Part II in the Winter 2018 semester, you must have passed Part I in October 2017 or during the Winter 2018 Part I testing date. Note that both parts of the OCCE occur during the semester in which they are recorded (e.g., Parts I and II taken during the Fall 2017 semester will be recorded during the Fall 2017 semester). 

Click here for OCE Part II instructions, requirements, and speaker statement (.doc)

Click here for OCE Part II registration form (.doc)


Registration forms should be filled out electronically and delivered to the Department of Communication, 585 Manoogian Hall by the deadline to register. There will be a $20 fee for Part II of the OCE exam. (This is in addition to the $20 fee paid for Part I). Your check or money order (please, no cash) made payable to Wayne State University must be received, along with your registration form, by the Department of Communication by the deadline date.

Please note:  If you major or minor (or will major or minor) in Communication, you will have to take COM 1010 regardless of whether or not you pass both parts of the OCE.


If additional information is needed, contact: 

Jamie Pond-Cobb
Assistant Basic Course Director
Dept. of Communication