WSU journalism student reports noteworthy 'truths' about Wayne State and Detroit

Carly Adams, senior journalism student and editor-in-chief of the Wayne State chapter of Odyssey Online, recently penned an opinion article for the web publication titled "Truths About Wayne State University People Refuse To See". In her article, Adams seeks to debunk what she considers to be common misconceptions about the university, and focuses on distinguishing characteristics such as the school’s location in the cultural and urban center of Midtown, beautiful architecture, WSU’s status as a premier research university, and campus safety.   


Adams says it’s important for any graduating high school student to take a hard look at Wayne State when planning for college. 


"It’s important for people to see this because WSU is a great option. If you look at the facts, WSU has fantastic opportunities for students, great programs, dedicated faculty members, and was just listed as one of the 50 safest colleges in the country," Adams said. 


"Being in Detroit and at Wayne State is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something amazing: the rebirth of one of greatest cities in the United States."