Three of 2020’s Kresge Arts Fellows are among CFPCA faculty

The 2020 Kresge Artist Fellows were announced by Kresge Arts in Detroit on July 2. The College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts would like to congratulate the outstanding artists who were named this year’s Kresge Artist Fellows, including three CFPCA faculty members.

Film and Music Fellows:

  • Joo Won Park, assistant professor in music technology in the Department of Music
  • Paige Wood, adjunct professor who teaches the Producers' Workshop course in the Department of Communication. Wood is noted for her work as an impact producer and also co-taught the Allesee Master Class with this year’s guest Judith Helfand.
  • Vincent Chandler, lecturer in jazz studies, jazz trombone, in the Department of Music

Each Kresge Artist Fellow receives a $25,000 and a year of professional practice support. New this year, Kresge Arts in Detroit will lead the professional development program (in the past this portion was handled by third parties) which has been reimagined and will be driven by participants. Kresge Arts in Detroit will provide opportunities including skill-building, networking, promotion, and coaching support that best suits the participants goals and definition of success.

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