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Major in Media Arts and Studies

About the major: This major prepares students for the broadcasting, cable or corporate video fields. Students may emphasize in the study of script writing, production-direction, management or history and criticism

Career opportunities: Media Arts and Studies majors use studios and post production facilities created exclusively for the Department of Communication. They have access to a wide range of courses in the department. Wayne State University is located in the heart of a large metropolitan area, there are outstanding opportunities for students to know and work with communication professionals. Internships are possible with Detroit radio stations, television stations, cable and industrial video production companies.


1. Foundation Courses (16 credits)

COM 1500 – Survey of Mass Communication (3 credits)
COM 1600 – Introduction to Audio-TV-Film Production (3 credits)
COM 1610 - Fundamentals of New Media Production (3 credits)
COM 2010 – (VP) Introduction to Film (4 credits)
COM 2210 – Media Writing and Storytelling (3 credits)

2. History and Analysis Courses (Pick Two - 6 credits)

COM 3010 – (WI) Media Analysis and Criticism (3 credits)
COM 4560 - (WI) Telecommunications Policy (3 credits)
COM 5010 - History of Communication Technologies (3 credits)

3. Production Courses (Pick Two - 6 credits)

COM 3380 – Editing and Field Production (3 credits)
COM 4310 – Audio Production (3 credits)
COM 4410 – Television Production (4 credits)

4. Capstone Course (Pick One - 3 to 4 credits)

COM 5510 - Societal Effects of New Technologies (3 credits)
COM 5400 – Techniques of Film-Video Production (4 credits). 

5. Electives (Pick Three - 9 credits)
COM 2020 – (VP) History of Film (3 credits)
COM 2230 Broadcast News Writing (3 credits)
COM 2260 Digital Writing & Research Methods (3 credits)
COM 4240 Aframercns: Brdcstng (4 credits)
COM 4680 WAYN Radio (2 credits)
COM 5020 Stds in Flm History (3 credits, max 12)
COM 5060 Dcmty & Nonfiction Flm (4 credits)
COM 5270 Screenwriting (4 credits, max 8)
COM 5381 TV Reptng & Digital Editing (3 credits)
COM 5384 Tps Prod Design/Thry(3 credits, max 6)
COM 5390 Digital Animation (3 credits)
COM 5420 Director's Workshop (3 credits, max 6)
COM 5440 Film Production (4 credits)
COM 5480 Topics in Media Studies (3 credits- max 12)
COM 5520 International Comm (3 credits)
COM 5610 Adv. TV Production (3 credits – max 6)
COM 6190 Internship (1 to 3 credits – max 6)
COM 6310 Allesee Lectures in Media (1 credit, max 3)
COM 6410 Allesee Master Class (1-3 credits, max 3)
COM 6680 Ind Proj:Rad-TV-Flm (1-3 credits- max 6)
AFS 3200 Afrcn Amer Flm Expc (4 credits)
APH 2400 Introductory Digital Photography (3 credits)
MUA 5610 Music Technology (3 credits)
MUA 5630 Recording Techniques I (2 credits)
MUA 5660 Recording Techniques II (2 credits)
MUA 5661 Recording Techniques III (2 credits)

Important reminders:  You must complete all courses in WSU's College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts with a C (2.0) or better. This also includes all transfer credits that may be applicable to the major programs. You must also complete the university's general education and competency requirements, as well as the college's group requirements, which include completion of a foreign language through the equivalent of three semesters of a foreign language or two semesters of foreign language and one foreign culture class

Advising: A specific advisor will be assigned to you upon declaring your major. All students are expected to follow the published curriculum for their major and to consult regularly with an advisor.

Special activities: Course work is only one part of your undergraduate education. Employers pay close attention to the types of activities applicants participated in as students. There are many valuable campus activities. You are encouraged to participate in such activities as student government, the student newspaper (South End), WAYN Radio, The Film and Media Group, Wayne State University's chapter of Women in Communications, Inc. (WICI), and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). In addition, the Department of Communication sponsors the Wayne State University chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), as well as the nationally acclaimed debate and speech teams. Some outstanding majors will be nominated for membership in the National Honorary Society, Lambda Pi Eta.

Department of Communication
585 Manoogian Hall
Wayne State University
(313) 577-2943
Chair: Dr. Lee Wilkins
Academic Advisor: Jessica Greenwald
Area Head for Media Arts and Studies: Juanita Anderson