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Public Relations and Organizational Communication

If you need to print out the requirements for this concentration, here is a pdf version.

The Master of Arts in Communication with a Concentration in Public Relations & Organizational Communication program is a professional degree that emphasizes the theory and application of communication in a variety of contexts. These include working in public relations, employee relations, media relations, public affairs, issue and crisis management, technical and employee communication, and related activities in business, industry, non-profit, and governmental settings. The degree requires a minimum of thirty-three (33) total credit hours. 

Four required courses: 

COM 7000: Introduction to M.A. Studies in Communication (3 cr)
COM 6250: Organizational Communication (3 cr)
COM 7140: Public Relations Campaigns (3 cr)
COM 7210: New Media and Strategic Communication (3 cr) 

At least one of the following Research Methods Courses: 

COM 7250: Rhetorical Criticism (3 cr)
COM 7260: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr)
COM 7360: Qualitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr) 

At least two of the following Public Relations & Organizational Communication core courses: 

COM 6100: Speech Writing (3 cr)
COM 6200: Theories of Small Group Processes (3 cr)
COM 7150: Micro-Level Organizational Communication (3 cr)
COM 7160: Crisis Communication (3 cr)
COM 7165: Communication and Issue Management (3 cr)
COM 7240: Communication Consulting and Training (3 cr)
COM 7410: Communication Theory (3 cr) 

At least two additional courses from the following, chosen in consultation with adviser: 

COM 6180: Principles of Health Communication (3 cr)
COM 6190: Internship (1-3 cr; max. 6)
COM 6350: Communication, Culture and Conflict (3 cr)
COM 6530: Audience Measurement and Survey Techniques ( 3 cr)
COM 7110: Theory of Argument (3 cr)
COM 7120: Contemporary Political Campaigns (3 cr)
COM 7155: Theories of Interpersonal Communication (3 cr)
COM 7330: Advanced Desktop Publishing (3 cr)
COM 7340: Interviewing (3 cr)
COM 7580: Content Analysis (3 cr)
Other COM 6/7000 level course(s), not on the above list with adviser’s approval 

A minimum of one course from outside the department (3-4 credits)
At least one 6000 or above level course from another department, such as Economics, English, Management, Marketing, Political Science, or Psychology, approved by the adviser. 

One of the following capstone plan options (Plan C is highly recommended) for a minimum of 33 credits:
Plan B: COM 7999: Master’s Essay Direction (3 cr)
Plan C: COM 7220: Professional Issues in Applied Communication (3 cr)