Wayne State University

Media Studies

If you need to print out the requirements for this concentration, here is a pdf version.

The Master of Arts in Communication with a Concentration in Media Studies program is academically oriented and is for students interested in advanced study of television, film, and other mass media. This degree is appropriate for students interested in media processes and research, media effects, media theory and criticism, film criticism, and scholarly research and writing about radio, television, and film. It is an appropriate preparatory degree for doctoral work. 

Students entering the M.A. Media Studies program without significant, recent experience in digital video production must take COM 5350: Media Arts Production in the first semester of coursework. 

One required course: 

COM 7000: Introduction to M.A. Studies in Communication (3 cr) 

One theory course: 

COM 7520: Theories of Media Effects (3 cr)
COM 7530: Critical Mass Communication Theory (3 cr) 

One research methods course: 

COM 6530: Audience Measurement and Survey Techniques (3 cr)
COM 7260: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr)
COM 7360: Qualitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr)
COM 7510: Seminar in Mass Media Research (3 cr)
COM 7580: Content Analysis (3 cr)
COM 7590: Criticism of Mass Media (3 cr)
COM 7600: Media and Cultural Historiography (3 cr)
COM 7610: Feminist Media Theory and Criticism (3 cr) 

Four elective COM courses 5000-level or higher, appropriate to the Concentration. These courses are in addition to above or any other 5000-level courses used to fulfill Concentration requirements. 

One elective course numbered 7001 or higher. 

Additional elective courses selected in consultation with the adviser resulting in a minimum total of 35 credits. These electives should primarily be courses in Media Arts and Studies. 

One of the following capstone plan options: 

Plan B: Three credits of COM 7999: Master's Essay Direction with an approved essay, and additional courses as needed totaling a minimum of 35 credits
Plan C: Coursework selected from the above requirements totaling a minimum of 35 credits.