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If you need to print out the requirements for this concentration, here is a pdf version.

The Master of Arts in Communication with a Concentration in Journalism program prepares students for careers in news organizations and related areas in mass media. The program includes courses in print and broadcast management skills, organizational communication, Internet-based reporting, and communication and cultural diversity issues. Students normally finish their Masters in Journalism under Plan B with a final 3-credit essay, for a total of 33 credits. For students selecting Plan C, at least 33 credits of coursework are required. 

Three required courses: 

COM 7000: Introduction to M.A. Studies in Communication (3 cr)
COM 5080: History and Law of American Journalism (3 cr)
COM 6280: Media and Diversity (3 cr) 

One research methods course from the following: 

COM 6530: Audience Measurement and Survey Techniques (3 cr)
COM 7260: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (3 cr)
COM 7365: Ethnographic Methods for Communication Research (3 cr) 
COM 7580: Content Analysis (3 cr)

One theory course from the following: 

COM 7410: Communication Theory (3 cr)
COM 7520: Theories of Media Effects (3 cr)
COM 7700: Mass Media and Political Communication (3 cr) 

Five elective courses from the following. The courses should be appropriate to the specialization, selected in consultation with the adviser, and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.
COM 5250: Professional Issues in News Media Management (3 cr)
COM 5300: Online Layout and Design (3 cr)
COM 5310: Investigative Reporting (3 cr)
COM 5381: TV News Reporting and Digital Editing (3 cr)
COM 5420: Director’s Workshop (3 cr)
COM 5460: Magazine Writing (3 cr)
COM 5500: Web Design for News Content (3 cr)
COM 5700: Political and Government Reporting (3 cr)
COM 6190: Internship (3 cr; max. 6 credits)
COM 6540: Media Operation and Management (3 cr)
COM 6560: Journalism and New Media (3 cr)
COM 7330: Advanced Desktop Publishing (3 cr)
COM 7400: Media Arts Production (3 cr) 

One elective course from another department, selected in consultation with the adviser. Possible departments include Political Science, Anthropology, History, Sociology, Business, or others appropriate to the student’s interests. 

One of the following capstone plan options: 

Plan B: Three credits of COM 7999: Master's Essay Direction with an approved essay, and additional courses as needed totaling a minimum of 33 credits.
Plan C: Coursework selected from the above requirements totaling a minimum of 33 credits.